Zac Fairley

Zac Fairley (2006-Current)

State Licensed Real Estate

Appraiser- LA-1868
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Professional Designations & Affiliations

  • Practicing Affiliate of the Appraisal Institute (#563759)
  • State Licensed Real Estate Appraiser

Related Job Experience

Collins and Null Appraisals, Inc. April 2007- Present
Licensed Appraiser – Appraise all forms of real estate, including commercial, industrial, residential,
rights-of-way, partial interest and timber land. Also includes preparation of documents for court
litigation and expert witness testimony.

Academic Background

Petal High School- Petal, MS – ( 2003 )
High School Diploma

 Jones County Junior College – ( 2005 )
Associate of Arts Degree in Business Administration

The University of Southern Mississippi – ( 2012 )
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (Real Estate, Finance)

Professional Education

Appraisal Principles Course (110) – Dallas, TX            Appraisal Institute    2012

Appraisal Procedures Course (120) – Dallas, TX            Appraisal Institute    2012

Standards of Professional Practice, USPAP – Dallas, TX        Appraisal Institute    2012

Business Practices & Ethics (MAB #49249)    Online            Appraisal Institute    2013

General Appraiser Site Valuation & Cost Approach – Houston, TX Appraisal Institute    2013

Residential Market Analysis and Highest & Best Use (MAB #7325) Appraisal Institute    2014

Residential Site Valuation and Cost Approach (MAB #49132)          Appraisal Institute    2014

Residential Sales Comparison and Income Approach                          Appraisal Institute    2014

Residential Report Writing and Case Studies                                      Appraisal Institute    2014

Condemnation Appraising: Principles & Applications

(MAB #49179)                                                                                           Appraisal Institute    2015

USPAP Update (2016-2017)                                                                   Appraisal Institute   2016

105 The Uniform Act – Executive Summary                                        MDOT        2016

General Appraiser Sales Comparison Approach (MAB#49264)     Appraisal Institute   2017

Real Estate Finance, Statistics, and Valuation Modeling

(MAB#49442)                                                                                            Appraisal Institute   2018

USPAP Update (2018-2019)                                                                   Appraisal Institute   2018